Purification of industrial waste water

Industrial wastewater treatment plants: cutting-edge solutions

Wastewater is characterized by the high concentration of harmful and polluting substances present inside them. To protect human health and the environment, this kind of liquid must be subjected to purification treatments before it can be reused and re-introduced into the water distribution network.

Idro Group is an engineering company for the environment operating since 1977 that creates cutting-edge solutions for rainwater reuse and recovery: its solutions are able to treat waste water from industrial processes and return a water of excellent quality, clean and drinkable.

Who are industrial wastewater treatment plants designed for?

Idro Group has been collaborating for years with companies operating in all sectors of industry. It is committed to seeking effective and cutting-edge solutions for different fields of intervention such as:

Idro Group also offers assistance to all other sectors by researching, researching and designing customized and easily applicable solutions.

Idro Group's solutions in the industrial wastewater purification process

The range of solutions designed by Idro Group includes compact and mobile systems for the recovery and reuse of waste water. Some examples are:

Idro Group expertly applies proven technologies and proposes itself as a leader in the creation of sustainable solutions in the production of energy and for the protection of the environment.
In addition to the construction of the systems and the maintenance service, Idro Group also provides spare parts for industrial water treatment systems such as timers, programmers and hydro pneumatic valves.

For more information

To find out more about industrial wastewater treatment plants, you can send a message using the contact form. The Idro Group Team will be happy to help you.

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