Oil & Gas

IDRO Group technical staff is the heart of our firm and can boast years–lasting experience on process filtration and fluids treatment for refineries, chemical industry, petrochemical industry, gas treatment, power plants and industry in general.

Our staff is also specialized in design and project management for construction of systems, equipment and technologies for filtration. Focalized to satisfy customers with a production direct to cover specific requirements.

Products can be designed and manufactured in accordance with main standards and international calculation codes.

  • Some offered services are the following:
  • Process Engineering for single equipment and filtration skids;
  • base and detailed Engineering
  • job development (material purchasing, production, tests & inspections, delivery of goods).

Market which IDRO Group is mainly oriented is the one of big Oil & Gas productors and international Contractors.

Application fields:

  • filtration of solids from liquids
  • filtration of solids from gases
  • separation of liquid from gases
  • separation of liquid from liquid
  • separation of different phases liquid/solid/gas
  • gas treatment

Production range:

  • cartridge filters for gases and liquids
  • basket filters for gases and liquids
  • automatic filters for liquids
  • sand filters
  • activated carbon filters for gases and liquids
  • gas-liquid separators
  • liquid-liquid separators
  • two stage separators
  • filtration skid
  • launching and receiving pig traps
  • shell & tube heat exchangers
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