IDRO Group has consolidated experience in the field of plant design for the treatment of agro-food waste, specifically:

Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment plants

The slaughtering process gives rise to a considerable volume of waste (blood, bones and fat) which must necessarily be treated in order to be disposed of or transformed.

Using an ecological blood treatment process, through membrane filtration (MBR5), it is possible to treat the liquid part of the processing waste which due to the strong biological component cannot be sent directly to the slaughterhouse treatment plant.

The water treated in this way can be reused inside from the slaughterhouse itself.

The solid part can be transformed into flour suitable to be sent to Biogas production plants.

Waste water treatment plants from milk processing

The waste water from dairy processing affects both the processing waste liquids and the water used for washing containers, environments and machinery.

These waters do not have particular toxic characteristics, but due to the strong organic content they still require, according to current national and international regulations, a purification treatment that makes them suitable for being discharged or reused.

IDRO Group creates turnkey solutions for companies of all sizes, always providing the most suitable solution.

Wastewater treatment plants from winery

IDRO Group designs low environmental impact systems using the most modern technologies available and which provide high levels of automation. The plants are space-saving and guarantee limited management costs, they also provide for the reuse of purified water.

In addition to the waste water treatment, IDRO Group can provide solutions for the treatment of primary water through demineralization and anti-limescale treatments essential for washing bottles.

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