IDRO Group is not just a water treatment provider, but a reliable partner in the proposal of solutions for water treatment in the textile industry.

With more than 500 systems installed all over the world and more than thirty years of experience in the textile sector, the Group boasts excellent knowledge of the entire production process, and has always been committed to continuous research in innovation both in the matter of waste water that recovery of the same.

The utmost attention to the cost-effectiveness of the proposed solution has allowed us to devise solutions that guarantee very low management costs.

Our systems have been developed with the utmost attention to safeguarding the environment, they make very limited use of chemical products, especially using completely biological processes that produce limited quantities of sludge and always of a non-toxic type, the plants are 0-discharge, our many years of experience has allowed us to make it possible to recover water at the 99% threshold.

Our systems, almost completely automated, reduce civil works to a minimum, guarantee space savings, moreover they are, reducing the intervention of operators to a minimum.

IDRO Group, thanks to its widespread presence all over the world, guarantees high-quality management and prompt intervention where necessary.

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