Compact plants to recover waste water

The compact plants for recovery and reuse of waste water are tertiary treatment modules created in containers, transportable via land or sea, easily installed, with accessory works in concrete reduced to the minimum.

The Idro Reuse modules, installed downstream of the purification plants, allow recovery of drainage water with different qualities based on their purpose for reuse: from irrigation to reuse in production processes.

The Idro Reuse solution is particularly ideal in cases where the spaces available are reduced, or in the presence of a waste water purification system where reuse is necessary of the water due to water scarcity or high disposal costs (strict limits on drainage water).

The Idro Reuse compact plants for waste water recovery were designed to be modular and therefore to treat various percentages of water based on

reuse needs.

They are ideal solutions for the industrial sector, especially where water consumption is very high as is the case in the textile industry.