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Rain water reuse and recovery

Wastewater reuse: systems for recycling rainwater and greywater

Wastewater reuse systems and plants made by Idro Group allow the reuse of water from sewage, stormwater, greywater, and, through phyto-purification plants, even civil wastewater from residential cores and facilities such as hotels, campgrounds, agritourism, or shopping centers.

Rainwater recovery and wastewater reuse systems allow treated water to be used for a variety of purposes, from watering gardens and green areas to cleaning activities and washing vehicles. These products are therefore the ideal solution for implementing a policy of safeguarding the resource and coping with the need to still have a water source available for daily needs.

Why install a water and rainwater recovery system?

A rainwater recovery system allows to save and conserves water resources. 
The easy availability of a commodity often causes its importance to be underestimated. Water has long been considered an unlimited resource, but increasing restrictions on its use imposed by public administrations have begun to raise public awareness of the problem of water supply. 
Saving, recovering, and reusing water resources have become increasingly topical issues, which is why installing a water reclamation system can significantly limit water consumption and waste.

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