Industrial water purification: chemical-physical plants

The chemical-physical plants are used to purify the waters deriving from different types of processing and are composed of a carbon steel monobloc where there is a reaction / coagulation tank, a settling tank, an active carbon filtration column and bag filters for mud, are supplied complete with all the equipment suitable for the operation of the system.

The installation can also be external. The plants, through a submersible electric pump, receive the sewage directly from the underground tanks where the sandblasting and de-oiling are carried out, the water reaches the reaction / flocculation compartment where contact with the substances contained in the chemical reagent tanks takes place (flocculant, coagulant and adjuvant) and automatic pH control.

The clarified water is conveyed into a filter column on activated carbon (with high adsorbing power) and then sent to the drain. The process sludge is extracted from the decanter and dehydrated with bag filters which make it easy to remove it.