White waters and black waters

Systems for the treatment of white water and black water

Wastewater is water that contains organic and inorganic substances that are harmful to humans and the environment. They can be divided into: 

  • white water, which is produced in nature, such as rainwater, or which has been used in human activities in its natural state, for example for cooling industrial plants or for cleaning roads.
  • black water, which derives from industrial waste water, bathroom fixtures, kitchens and laundries.

Due to their concentration of pathogens and pollutants, both types of water must not be reintroduced into the natural environment without first undergoing a purification and purification treatment.

Idro Group is an environmental engineering company founded in 1977 that designs and manufactures cutting-edge solutions for the treatment of wastewater in total respect for man and the environment.

White water treatment: rainwater collection well

Rainwater is an important source of pollution due to the characteristics of the environments it comes into contact with, such as the atmosphere, roads, waste, vegetation and paved surfaces.

Idro Group has designed white water treatment plants suitable for small, medium and large surfaces which include both oil separator systems and first rain water drainage systems. Here are some solutions:

Solutions for black water recovery: industrial and civil wastewater purification

Thanks to the many years of experience Idro Group is able to meet the industrial wastewater treatment needs of any sector, such as the metallurgical, oil, textile, agricultural and food ones. 
The range of solutions designed by Idro Group also includes purification systems for civil wastewater treatment suitable for all types of structures such as homes, schools, hospitals, hotels, tourist villages, campsites and residential centers.

Idro Group also has a range of services for consultancy, assistance, maintenance and management of the systems, in order to accompany the customer before, after and during the installation of the systems.

For more information

If you need further information on the white water and black water purification systems proposed by Idro Group, do not hesitate to contact us using the form in the contact section. Our team will be happy to help you!

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