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Civil wastewater treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment: plants and systems for water purification

For municipal wastewater treatment, interventions are based on biological processes. Idro Group builds wastewater treatment systems and plants for municipal water, that is, plants for the reuse of wastewater from homes or various types of facilities such as schools, hospitals, hotels, campgrounds, and residential centers.

Municipal wastewater treatment plant designed by Idro Group

The municipal wastewater treatment plant is an advanced technology system made and designed by Idro Group specifically to meet the different and special needs of each industry.  
In addition to civil wastewater purification plants, the company also manufactures oil and grease separators to pre-treat wastewater from kitchens and, in general, all wastewater polluted with oil and grease of animal and vegetable origin. 
All civil water purification plants ensure high operational safety and are sized to ensure full compliance with current regulations. 


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