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Industrial water treatment and water reuse

Wastewater treatment plants: customized solutions for every industry

Idro Group's industrial wastewater treatment plants are designed and manufactured to provide state-of-the-art solutions for the treatment of industrial water from various sectors. Our goal is to recover and reuse water in the production cycle, reducing both operating costs and environmental impact. Each industrial water treatment plant is custom-designed to ensure compliance with legal limits for industrial wastewater discharge or to make the water reusable in the production process.

Why choose Idro Group for industrial water treatment?

  • Experience: we have a solid experience in industrial water purification in different sectors.
  • Advanced Technology: we use the most innovative technologies for industrial wastewater treatment.
  • Customized Solutions: each industrial water purifier is designed to meet the specific needs of the customer and the characteristics of the industrial water to be treated.
  • Respect for the environment: we are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of industrial activities.

Idro Group's established experience spans several industries, including:

  • Metallurgical industries
  • Petroleum industries
  • Textile industries
  • Food industries


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