Separators have been designed for the treatment of wastewaters containing mineral oils and hydrocarbons, in order to reduce the load of floating substances and sedimentable solids, according to the limits of the most restrictive law.
These parts must be separated from waste waters before the discharge in the final destination, in order to avoid their dispersion in the environment.
The treatment plant consists of a sludge trap and a hydrocarbon separator, which is fitted with coalescent system and automatic closing device with a float.
Some models are equipped with by-pass integrated in the tank. This by-pass concurs to skim the overflow (up to 5 times thenominal flow-rate)

A hydrocarbon separator can be used in various applications: covered parking areas, car washes, car repair shop, fuel distribution areas, roads and highways, airports and for treatment of run-off rain water coming from surfaces with risk of continuous or accidental pollution.


  • Hydrocarbon separator - painted steel: IDROFOSS, IDROLAV, IDROLAVPASS, IDROMAC, IDROPASS
  • Hydrocarbon separator - painted and reinforced concrete: DISC NG, SIAC NG
  • Hydrocarbon separator - high density polyethylene: IDROMAC-P, IDROPASS-P,
  • Silting tank in reinforced and vibrated concrete: DEFC