Biogas production from organic waste

Biogas production from organic waste: a sustainable solution

Biogas is a combustible gas rich in methane, which is obtained from the anaerobic fermentation of agricultural or urban waste. It is one of the main sources of renewable energy because it is produced in order to respect natural resources: biomasses are produced from waste materials, which otherwise would not be used, and represent an alternative, natural and sustainable source of energy.

Idro Group is a company founded in 1977, highly specialized in the environmental sector, able to design effective and suitable solutions for the treatment of water, air and waste. In the last twenty years it has become a leader in the construction of biogas and biomethane plants for the production of energy from renewable sources.

Idro Group builds biogas plants in Italy and abroad

The Idro Group solutions are designed for all Italian and foreign companies that want to obtain biomethane from their production processes to produce sustainable energy at low cost. Biogas and biomass plants are suitable for all sectors that have organic waste such as agriculture and livestock (farm waste and crop residues), agribusiness (agricultural and animal by-products), urban or domestic (solid organic waste derived from organic recycling collection).


Idro Group's solutions for the fuel obtained from the fermentation of garbage

All Idro Group plants ensure high safety, high reliability and reduced management costs, as well as the protection of human health and the environment. For the biogas and biomethane plants, the Group has created:

Idro Group also offers turnkey solutions to its customers in order to respond to specific needs during all phases of design and construction.

Do you need more information?

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