Biomethane is a gas obtained from renewable sources: it derives from Biogas and has characteristics and conditions of use as of natural gas. It is a bioenergetic vector with enormous potential and can be used without mixing and without to modify the equipment currently powered by natural gas. The consumption of biomethane takes place by avoiding the release of carbon. The use of this energy source can take place in a flexible and programmable way, it can be transported and stored to meet the different territorial and temporal conditions of the energy demand in every sector of use Biomethane can be distributed for automotive use or it can be introduced into the natural gas network with consequent operational and economic advantages. Biomethane can be produced starting from different types of biomass such as:

  • Organic waste (organic fraction of solid urban waste)
  • Fruit and vegetable residues
  • Agri-food residues
  • Canteen waste
  • Slaughtering waste
  • Residues from fish processing