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Biogas and Biomethan

Biogas is a fuel produced by the degradation of the organic substance by micro-organisms in the absence of oxygen.

It is possible to produce Biogas starting from agricultural Biomasses (corn silo, sorghum, triticale, rye, sunflower, straw, cereal flour, agricultural waste in general) from Zootechnical dejections (bovine sewage, cattle manure, liqui-pig manure, horse manure, manure goat, sheep manure, pollen) from other biomasses produced by processing waste (sewage sludge, fruit and vegetable residues, agri-food residues, canteen waste, slaughtering waste, fish residues, blood, serum).

Biogas can be refined and purified for production of BIOMETHANE (99% methane) which has conditions and characteristics of use corresponding to those of methane, can be stored, transported or placed in the natural gas network. The plants proposed by IDRO Group are distinguished according to the matrix used: from zootechnical waste or agricultural biomass, or from the organic waste fraction.

The production of electricity and heat from biomass represents a new and high source of income, thanks to the ever-increasing need for energy from renewable sources.

The electricity produced is considered GREEN ENERGY because it is produced with low environmental impact.