Secondary wastewater treatments

Primary secondary wastewater treatment: what's the difference?

Unlike primary treatments, secondary wastewater treatments aim to eliminate biodegradable organic substances and to remove solids in colloidal form that are not sedimentable. This means that these substances cannot be removed through physical processes, as in primary treatments, but only through chemical transformations. These wastewaters are particularly harmful to the environment and cannot be reintroduced into the natural environment without undergoing a purification process.

Idro Group specializes in the design and implementation of eco-sustainable solutions: it develops mobile and compact systems for water purification, recovery and reuse processes, for civil and industrial wastewater treatment, for air deodorization, for the treatment of solid organic waste and for the production of gas.

Civil wastewater treatment and purification: Idro Group's solutions

Since 1977 Idro Group has been designing and developing specific wastewater treatment plants for every need. Thanks to the enormous experience gained and constant innovation, the Group has designed water purification systems based on biological processes, such as plants for the reuse of greywater and biological purification plants. The solutions are suitable for different types of structures including hospitals, hotels, campsites and residential centers, but also for kitchens and restaurants for which Idro Group has designed oil and fat separators of animal and vegetable origin.

Secondary industrial wastewater treatments

For the industrial sector Idro Group is able to develop solutions for the purification of both primary and secondary wastewater, paying close attention to the re-introduction of fluid in the production cycle. The goal is to decrease the factory's costs of production and to support the environmental recovery. Idro Group specializes in treating wastewater from agricultural production, tannery, textile weaving and printing, oil refineries, foundries and rolling mills.  

Among the purification of industrial wastewater’s solutions, Idro Group designed:

Idro Group is also committed to providing ballast water treatment and disinfection systems for any type of water, be it sweet, brackish or marine.

For more information

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