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Ballast Water Treatment

For over thirty years the scientific community has highlighted the problem of the transfer of alien species through the ballast waters of ships, bringing it to the attention of the IMO (International Maritime Organization), the specialized agency of the United Nations for the safety of navigation and prevention of marine pollution. 

In September 2017, the BWM Convention, (an international convention for the control of ballast water) came into force all over the world, a control that became necessary due to the significant increase in naval traffic that amplified the problem of the transfer of marine species (as microscopic algae, small animals, eggs, spores and bacteria), from one ocean to another with the consequence of dangerous contaminations that endanger biodiversity, sometimes causing serious damage to the ecosystem.

The convention provides that the ships that need to pour ballast water taken from another port, will necessarily have to do it in the open sea or will have to have installed water treatment systems, such as filtration and disinfection systems. IDRO Group, always attentive to all aspects concerning the protection of the environment, through its PUREBALLAST system, offers disinfection for any type of water, be it sweet, brackish or marine, treating the ships' ballast water through a system filtration and UV disinfection which renders the micro-organisms harmless and guarantees compliance with the discharge limits set by the regulations.

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