How ballast water is treated

The new regulation on ballast water management

According to the Regulation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on Ballast Water Management, all ships are required to have approved and certified water treatment systems in order to prevent the spread of harmful substances through the water ballast.

In fact, ballast water  represents a threat to maritime environments and its untreated diffusion can lead to the disruption of the marine ecosystems of ports, lakes, estuaries and coasts. Idro Group's mission is to safeguard the environment by designing cutting-edge and sustainable solutions for the treatment of ballast water.

Idro Group ballast water management systems

Since 1977 Idro Group has been developing and implementing sustainable solutions for the production of sustainable energy and environmental protection. Its products include compact and mobile plants for water purification, civil and industrial wastewater treatment, air deodorization and waste conversion.

For ballast water treatment, Idro Group has created the PUREBALLAST system, which provides a UV filtration and disinfection process capable of eliminating the action of pathogens and ensuring compliance with the discharge limits provided for by legislation. For Idro Group the protection of the Earth and man is of fundamental importance, for this reason it is also committed to environmental recovery operations.

Not just ballast water treatment systems

Idro Group does not only deal with ballast water, but is also specialized in developing and manufacturing plants for the purification of water, for the industrial water treatment and water reuse, for the deodorization of air, for the disposal and transformation of solid and organic waste.
Thanks to the great experience gained in the field, Idro Group is able to produce solutions for companies operating in all sectors and in different contexts and areas.
Its interlocutors vary between:

  • construction companies and design studios
  • NGOs and public entities
  • shopping centers, hotels, residences and tourist villages
  • oil refineries, foundries and steel mills
  • industries
  • livestock farms

For Idro Group it is also important to accompany the customer during all phases of design, installation and maintenance of the systems to ensure constant support and advice. It is also able to meet the specific needs of customers as in the case of special works.

For more information

If you need further information on the ballast water treatment systems proposed by Idro Group, do not hesitate to contact us using the form in the contact section. Our team will be happy to help you.

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