The research activities promoted by the Group are directed towards the realization of an eco-sustainable future; the mission of the individual companies and of the Group as a whole is to provide innovative technological solutions which fully respect the environment and regulations in vigor. 

For this reason and based on their solid experience, the IDRO Group companies, constantly research and employ innovative and cutting-edge technologies. The Groupaims to provide ideals solution to a wide range of customers: from public to private, to the industrial sector, government and non-governement agencies, providing reliable after sales support and ensuring their services including for work on existing facililies.

Over a period of forty years, IDRO Group has successfully completed projects in Italy and internationally.

The IDRO Group headquarters building respects the values of its member companies, aiming to create an eco-sustainable future: the building is self sufficient in terms of energy with a system of solar panels and it has also been built with construction materials specifically chosen for their low environmental impact.

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