Industrial composting machines

Industrial composting machines: how does composting work?

Composting is a system of disposal of organic material that is partially transformed into compost, or fertilizer. The composting process is a thermophilic aerobic process of degradation of the organic substance, carried out under controlled conditions.

For companies, especially agricultural ones, the transformation of waste materials into quality compost represents an effective, ecological and low-cost solution for the fertilization of their land. Idro Group plants are intelligent and reliable turnkey solutions for the treatment of processing waste.

The Idro Group solution to the problem of odors in composting plants

One of the main problems of composting plants is the persistent odor usually caused by the presence of not completely oxidized nitrogen, carbon and sulfur catabolites. The composting process plant represents a cutting-edge solution for the control of the stench as it is equipped with an air treatment system that allows the abatement of odors, ammonia and any other contaminants. The entire plant, from the transfer section to the ripening section, is kept in a vacuum in order to avoid the spread of bad smells outside. The foul-smelling air is blown into the ventilated floors by special fans and then sucked in again and treated with a scrubber and a biofilter.


Industrial composting machines: who are they for?

Idro Group's solutions are especially suited to sectors that have a large amount of organic waste products. A quality compost is usually obtained using agri-food, vegetable and / or sewage sludge waste such as those produced by the agribusiness sector.
As regards urban waste, they can be used to obtain fuels of natural origin through special biogas and biomethane plants. Idro Group is able to build and design systems for each specific customer need, always keeping in mind human safety and respect for the environment. In fact, Idro Group also deals with environmental recovery.


Not just composting plants

In addition to industrial composting and biogas plants, Idro Group also produces:


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