Treatment and purification of water resources

Treatment and purification of water resources: how to make water drinkable?

The water resources of Earth are subjected to contamination by pathogens and pollutants often of anthropogenic origin. For this reason, before introducing water into the distribution network, the water must be subjected to chemical-physical treatments to become drinkable. Contamination can be the result of voluntary actions, such as intense agricultural and / or industrial activity, human settlements lacking adequate wastewater treatment or spills of pollutants, or involuntary actions such as extreme weather events or accidental phenomena of different nature.

Idro Group's mission is to design cutting-edge and innovative solutions for the treatment of water  resources, respecting and protecting human health and the environment.

Drinking water treatment: solutions from Idro Group

Since 1977 Idro Group has been designing and manufacturing solutions for the treatment, purification, recovery and reuse of water resources. It deals with the purification of source, brackish and marine water and, in general, designs plants for the treatment of civil and industrial wastewater.
Among the plants for the purification of primary waters are:

  • softeners, automatic water treatment systems to be applied to circuits where it is essential to remove salts encrusted with calcium and magnesium
  • UV-C disinfection systems, UV-C ray sterilization systems for both residential and industrial use
  • pressure filters, systems operating under pressure that can be automatic or manual
  • demineralization plants, which allow the removal of dissolved salts in the water to be treated
  • reverse osmosis drinking water treatment plants, that exploit the natural osmosis process for filtration
  • acquanow system, a pre-assembled system for the accumulation, lifting, pressurization, filtration and disinfection of water
  • dosing systems, plants suitable for the preparation, storage and dosage of chemical products in solution


Water purification plants: who are they designed for?

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of primary water treatment, Idro Group is able to satisfy the specific needs of each customer. It creates ad-hoc solutions for design studios, construction companies, public bodies, NGOs, shopping centers, oil refineries, foundries and steel mills, hotels and residences, tourist villages, agricultural and livestock companies and industries.

Furthermore, Idro Group provides advice and assistance to customers during and after the design, the development and the installation of the systems.

Ask for more information

If you want further information about the treatments for the purification of water resources proposed by Idro Group, do not hesitate to contact us using the form in the contact section. We will be happy to answer exhaustively as soon as possible.


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