reverse osmosis drinking water treatment plants

The desalination or demineralization of brackish water, the purifying of sea water, medicine, cooling systems, irrigation, market gardening and floriculture are the traditional fields of application for reverse osmosis technology.

Specifically, reverse osmosis can proven to:

  • drinking water for communities, hotels, motels, camp sites and other accommodation facilities.

  • feed water for boilers and treatment of concentrates (together with ion exchange plants)

  • cooling and process water (such as used in refineries)

  • highly purified water for special applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, photographic and electronics fields.

  • drinking and process water for industries.

  • water for plant nurseries and greenhouses in coastal areas

  • demineralised water for medicinal use in hospitals and laboratories.

  • treatment of industrial waste in order to recover precious matter.

  • recycling of process water.