Primary wastewater treatments

Waste water purification primary treatment

Primary wastewater treatments are a series of physical processes which lead to the purification of wastewater. Sewage is the water used in human, domestic, industrial and agricultural activities which, due to such use, contain organic and inorganic substances that are harmful to the environment. As a consequence, these waves must not be reintroduced into the natural environment (such as soil, rivers, lakes and seas) without going through purification interventions first. 

Idro Group has been designing and manufacturing systems for the recovery, the reuse and the purification of industrial and civil wastewater since 1977, in order to protect and safeguard the environment. The solutions offered include both primary and secondary treatments.

Primary wastewater treatment: who turns to Idro Group?

Idro Group is engaged in efforts to research innovative and cutting-edge technologies for the recovery and the reuse of wastewater. Its ultimate aim is to create an eco-sustainable future. Thanks to its long field experience, Idro Group offers advanced systems and sophisticated primary treatments for wastewater in different sectors - agriculture and livestock, agri-food, civil, industrial, textile, hospital, for environmental recovery and oil & gas - . Furthermore, the Group intends to provide a sustainable solution for any type of clientele: from public to private, from governmental agencies to non-governmental entities. 

Wastewater purification plants: the solution for businesses and civilians

Idro Group produces industrial wastewater treatment plants with special attention to the re-introduction of water in the production cycle. In this way, companies save on production costs and impact less on the environment. Idro Group's proposals for industry include:

Instead, among the civil wastewater treatment plants there are:


More information on Idro Group solutions for primary wastewater treatment

In addition to the design and construction of primary and secondary wastewater treatment systems, Idro Group also provides a maintenance service, spare parts and after-sales consultancy. To find out more about the prices and delivery times of primary wastewater treatment plants, you can send a message via the contact form.

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