Wastewater treatment plant with MBR system

The Green MBR DEN 1000 SC wastewater treatment system was designed for the treatment of civil wastewater produced by a military base, with some private dwellings adjacent, for a total of 1000 equivalent inhabitants.

Considering the mobility needs of a plant for installation on a military base, the plant was built in discardable containers, so it could be quickly moved from one installation site to another. The unit built is modular, thus allowing a possible future expansion, maintaining the same type of treatment sections.

The type of process is an active sludge treatment, supplemented with biological and chemical dephosphation, supported by MBR filtration. This treatment system has been optimized from an engineering point of view, having maximum working stability and great ability to adapt to changes in quality and quantity on incoming pollutants, minimizing the volumes involved, in order to obtain a package installation.

Due to its mobility needs, the system is easily disassembled, disconnecting some flanges on the connecting pipes between containers and between containers and the technical room, and equally easily reassembled in another place, even by non-specialized hydraulic personnel. 

Most of the engines are located inside the technical room in order to minimize disconnects and subsequent electrical reconnections. The only civil works required in case of displacement are concrete slabs on which to lay the plant.

Location: Italia – Milano (Base Aeronautica Militare - Aeroporto di Linate).

Client: Consorzio GECO scarl.

Project type: turnkey project for the design, construction, installation and commissioning of wastewater treatment plant with MBR system. 

Water treatment plants: containerized civil wastewater treatment MBR plant - n.2 discardable containers (750x250x h250 cm), n.1 discardable container (400x250x h250 cm) and n.1 prefabricated technical room. 

Raw water source: mixed wastewater from the military base and some private homes.

Treated water quality: discharge surface water.

Capacity: treated flow rate of 200 m3/day for a total of 1000 equivalent population.

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