What is rainwater recovery

Rainwater recovery: what it is and why to do it

Rainwater recovery means the collection, filtering and purification of rainwater. Investing in a rainwater recovery and reuse system is certainly a sustainable way to maximize the use of resources, to save on bills and to preserve an increasingly rare and precious resource.                      
Idro Group has been committed since 1977 to the design and construction of compact and mobile rainwater recovery systems, fully safeguarding man and the planet.

Idro Group for rainwater recovery in agriculture and industry

Rainwater are substances with a high concentration of pathogens due to contact with the atmosphere and the soil. For this reason it is important to treat them. Idro Group has built water treatment plants applicable to small, medium and large surfaces, such as the following solutions:

The solutions offered by Idro Group are easily applicable to all production sectors, in particular the agricultural and industrial sectors. However, the Group is able to design and implement customized solutions for the particular needs of all customers.

Rainwater recovery tank in the residential area

The rainwater recovery systems of Idro Group are also applicable to structures not related to production such as industrial yards, intermodal areas, ports and airports, roads, ring roads and motorways. For this type of work, the systems facilitate the disposal of water by infiltrating the ground through special tanks, as in the case of oil separator plants, designed for the separation of oils and hydrocarbons from the water, and the rainwater diverters, designed for the management of sewer networks.

As regards the homes of civilians, Idro Group is able to create systems for the rainwater recovery and reuse, which include solutions for the reserve of drinking and reusable water.

Do you need more information?

If you need more details on the rainwater recovery systems proposed by Idro Group, do not hesitate to contact us using the form in the contact section. We will be happy to answer exhaustively as soon as possible.

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