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Idrodepurazione S.r.l. is part of the consortium IDRO GROUP

Established in 2015,IDRO Group combines companies with over forty years of experience in their sectors and which operate with the latest technologies and with full respect for the environment. The companies making up IDRO Group began operating independently in the Brianza area near Milan, Italy, and experienced constant growth also thanks to the acquisition of renowned companies in the environmental sector, which carried them into international territory. These companies have developed a close and productive collaboration which facilitates financial, commercial, logistical and organizational synergies based on a common strategy focused on quality, specialization, product innovation and strong customer focus. IDRO Group provides efficient and innovative solutions for the treatment of: Water, Air, Energy, Waste.

idro depurazione

Idrodepurazione is particularly interested in advancing research in eco-sustainable technologies for air, water and waste treatment focusing on recovering treated elements so as to increase available quantities of that element or resource. The company’s objective is to combine respect for the environment with the development of new and increasingly advanced systems that can reduce the costs of such treatments.


Lambro Idrodepurazione Division has a strong tradition in the fields of primary water treatment for industrial and drinking water. During his many years of work in more than two decades of activity, Lambro has capitalized meaningful experience in the design and supply of plant and equipment, both in the maintenance of existing plants. The division integrates the traditional Lambro Idrodepurazione experience in building large plants, making them sensitive to the needs of small users, addressing the private and installers who need to buy small appliances for drinking water or water purification.


Idroengineering, Idrodepurazione division, has developed its skills and experience in the design and construction of turnkey plants, medium and large, for the purification and re-use of both civil and industrial waste water, recovery and biogas storage , the air deodorization, treatment of organic solid waste. With awareness of the size and characteristics of the problems in pollution control, Idroengineering has developed an international top-class know-how that has helped to broaden the company's success in both the public sector and in industry. Idroengineering, in step with the current legislation, has expanded its product portfolio in the field of renewable energies specializing in biogas plants for the production of energy from agricultural biomass and waste.


EMWG srl specializes in the design, construction and supply of compact & mobile systems providing complete water treatment solutions - from drinking water to wastewater treatment.
EMWG’s compact and mobile systems are highly transportable and easy to install onsite thanks to their standard size container housing or assembly on trailers. These characteristics make the water treatment plants particularly suitable for use in remote or hard to reach locations. EMWG’s water treatment plants can be powered by electricity coming from a network or a generator. Alternatively, affirming the company’s dedication to using renewable resources, some systems are designed to operate autonomously with energy from their own solar panels.

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Swenco is an environmental engineering consulting company and part of the idro group. Swenco is an engineering company established in 2008 and supported by a staff of highly qualified technicians and engineers with years of experience in water treatment system construction. The services offered vary according to the individual needs of the customer: a specialist group of engineers works to provide support for feasibility studies, environmental impact assessments, supervision and project management, elaboration of technical projects and financial plans.


IDRO US We’re excited to announce the opening of Idro U.S. Inc.! Established to better reach new and existing US customers and support them in finding water treatment solutions in America and around the world.