Wastewater treatment plant with an innovative technology

Construction of a wastewater treatment plant with MBR technology in Ghana


IDRO Group has designed and built biological plants in four containers with MBR technology. This technology permits a very high level of wastewater purification meaning the water can be safely reused: flushing toilets, washing vehicles and irrigation green areas.

The Green MBR DEN is a containerized wastewater treatment plant designed to optimize space during transport on site and reduce site works as the plants take up little space thanks to the Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) technology employed.

In general the treatment stage in these MBR DEN system include: 

  • pretreatment, 
  • denitrification,
  • biological oxidation,
  • MBR membrane filtration,
  • disinfection of the treated water.

The Ultrafiltration process permits efficient filtration removing biomass and colloidal particles from the effluent and is also capable of operating with high concentrations of sludge.

Location: Ghana
Client: Italian Building company
Project type: Turnkey project for the design, construction of biological plants housed in four ISO containers 20’.
Water treatment plants: Biological plants with denitrification and phosphorus removal.
Raw water source: Civil wastewater.
Treated water quality: Water for such tasks: irrigation, washing vehicles and/or flushing of toilets.

  • Daily flow rate: 122 m3/day
  • Population Equivalent: 815 PE


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