First rain water treatment plant

Rainwater treatment plant from yards used as public ecological areas for environmental CEM


The plant collects the first rain water and treats it after the end of the meteoric event, in order to have empty tanks ready for a new operating cycle at the 96th from the end of the last meteoric event.

The proposed solutions have been designed in light of the following needs: 

  • compliance with the Law prescriptions
  • create a simple and economical system with minimal maintenance requirements
  • eliminate the environmental impact by burying the plant
  • avoid the risk of contamination of underground aquifers

The separation of mineral oils and hydrocarbons is obtained through a Separator which guarantees a content of oils and hydrocarbons lower than 5 mg/lt at the discharge.

The installation of our Separators ensures compliance with the legal limits for discharge into surface waters.


Location: Variuous ecological site in North Italy : 
Client: CEM Ambiente spa
Description of the Project/Work undertaken: Design, supply and installation of wastewater Treatment Plans and supply of spare parts.
Raw water source: Water from ecological site
Start and Completion date: 24/07/2002 – 23/02/2016
Contract Value:  EUR/€ 307.511,40 Long Term Contract – various contracts
Capacity: From 5 to 50 m3/day

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