Reverse osmosis drinking water plant

Complete system of pre and post-treatment useful for safety


IDRO Group took care of setting up a reverse osmosis purification plant capable of producing up to 4 mc/h of drinking water.

The plant was set up inside a 20 'container together with another 10' container for the backwash tank.

The plant is complete with a pre-treatment unit necessary to reduce the pollutant load to the osmosis unit and a post-treatment unit useful for safety coverage before use.

The water produced complies with the limits dictated by Legislative Decree n. 31/01 Italian law currently in force for drinking water.

The plant was designed and delivered turnkey with installation, training and commissioning on site in Pristina at the KFOR base of Italian Carabinieri Regiment


Location: Pristina Kosovo – Serbia Montenegro 
Client: KFOR Multinational Special Unit, Regiment HQ MSU Carabinieri
Project type: Turnkey project for the design, construction, installation and commissioning on site Pristina 
Water treatment plants: Drinking RO Water Treatment plant
Raw water source: Water from Municipality 
Treated water quality: Drinking water under D.Lgs.vo 31/01 Italian Law.
Capacity: Flow rate 4 m3/day of drinking water.

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