Wastewater treatment plant OIL & GAS Industry

Industrial water treatment plant with filtration unit and oil separator plant for Oil & Gas industry


The industrial wastewater treatment plant designed by Idro Group includes:

  • section of accumulation, sand sedimentation and oil separation completed by feeding pumps. The outlet water from this section should have less than 5 ppm of oil concentration and 5 ppm of solid;
  • section of filtration on sand and activated carbon unit placed in an insulated and heated container - included in the supply. 

The filtration unit is realized, preassembled, to fir inside 40’ High Cube Container. The container has four doors for easy inspection and maintenance.

The wastewater treatment system is designed to face difficult weather conditions: from -20°C to 40°C. To ensure that, the plant is insulated with an inner sandwich panel of mineral wood, 100 mm thickness, and the technical room is equipped with a heating-conditioning system.

The control panel is complete of a PLC unit with a Smart Monitoring System that allow to visualize the panel of the wastewater plant and the working parameters directly from the browser, simply using an ID and password provided by us.

Location: Republic of Kazakhstan - West Kazakhstan Oblast - Burlinskij Region - 090300 Aksai city. 

Client: an important Joint-Stock company, drilling and service of Kazakhstan marker.

Project type: oil separator plant realized inside an Insulated  40’ High Cube Container.

Water treatment plants: filtration unit -  oil separator plant.

Raw water source: rainy water with traced of oil and sand. 

Capacity: flow rate: 25 mc/h. 

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