Modular sewage treatment plant MBBR technology with HDPE tanks

Modular wastewater treatment plant with HDPE tanks

This modular wastewater treatment plant was built in order to receive and treat the waste water of civil origin coming from communities deprived of its own sewerage network.

Both in the definition of the process and in the selection of the technology employed, it has been considered the choice of all the systems which are able to reduce to the minimum the environmental impact of the plant on its surroundings. The proposed design solution, in fact, has been developed to improve the insertion of the plant in the environment, to reduce the occupying area, to improve the management of the plant, to minimize operational costs, also allowing for an eventual future extension, maintaining the same type of treatment sections. 

In fact, the modular sewage treatment plant with MBBR technology is executed with HDPE tanks, completely underground, except for the filtration section and electromechanical equipment. 

The water treatment plant, subject of this technical offer, is a biological type with denitrification and removal of phosphorus. The removal of phosphorus is carried out biologically and simultaneously operated with addition of chemical products. In order to obtain treated water suitable for irrigation purposes, a final filtration section is foreseen.

Location: Canouan - Carribean Sea, Grenadine Archipelago. 

Client: Italian Manufacturer.

Project type: turnkey project for the design and supply of one modular sewage treatment plant; 

Water treatment plants: MBBR technology modular treatment plant executed with HDPE tanks. 

Raw water source: civil origin coming form communities deprived of its sewage network. 

Treated water quality: suitable for irrigation purposes.

Capacity: flow rate 83 m3/day - 445 E.P.

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