Waste water treatment plant MBR technology

Waste water treatment plant with Green MBR membrane technology for Myseru General Trading


The proposed water treatment design solution has been developed to improve the management and insertion of the plant in the environment, to reduce the occupying area and minimize operational costs, also allowing for an eventual future extension, maintaining the same type of treatment sections.   

The architectonic layout of the design has been defined so as to minimize the total impact of the works. The type of process is an active sludge treatment, integrated with biological dephosphatization, supported by MBR filtration. Such a treatment system has been optimized from an engineering point of view, having maximum working stability and great capacity to adapt to the variations of quality and quantity on inlet pollutants, minimizing the volumes involved, so as to obtain a package installation. 

Location: Addis Ababa - Ethiopia.

Client: Myseru General Trading.

Project type: turnkey project for the design, construction and installation of a wastewater treatment plant with Green MBR Technology.

Water treatment plants: wastewater treatment plant with Green MBR Technology.

Raw water source: civil water coming from five stars Hotel in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. 

Treated water quality: water suitable for reuse for the irrigation of green areas, washing vehicles or similar reuse. 

Capacity: 150 mc/day. 

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