Waste water treatment plant for UN Field Missions

Idro  supplies  peacekeeping  field  missions  with  Modular  Drinking  Water Systems which are very easy to transport to site, ready for use.  At the heart of the supply are three mobile units which produce drinking water, conforming to the internationally recognized WHO Drinking Water Guidelines, from conventional and non‐conventional water sources. 

The modules are as follows:  ‐

  • Module 1 is a stand‐alone unit treating non saline water;
  • Module 2‐SW connects to Module 1 creating a system treating sea water or brackish water with high salinity and/or turbidity; 
  • Module 2‐BW is a stand‐alone unit for limpid brackish water (TDS <6000).

The three modules are supplied with a custom designed trailer and come with a wide range of accessories and optional items such as water quality testing instruments, raw and treated water tanks and extra lengths of flexible piping. In order to ensure the sustainability of the project, IDRO GROUP also guarantees spare parts, consumables, training and technical support for a minimum of ten years. Our technical support to field missions is ongoing and IDRO GROUP works closely with head offices and field offices to meet specific needs in areas such as Sudan, Darfur, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Iraq, Haiti, Western Sahara and the Ivory Coast.

Idro Group plant for the treatment of civil waste water from camp ablution blocks

Idro Group developed a modular waste water treatment system (WWTS) designed to be easily transported and rapidly installed in UN Field Missions around the world for the treatment of civil waste water coming from camp ablution blocks.

The quality of the treated water coming from the waste water treatment plant is of a grade high enough for it to be reused for flushing toilets, irrigating green areas, washing vehicles and other such activities where human contact with the water is minimal.

Contributing to the sustainability of the project, Idro Group provides installation, start-up and commission assistance as well as practical and theoretical training in UN facilities. Our technical support for operators and managers is ongoing for supply of spare parts and consumables and Idro Group works closely with head offices and field offices adapting the WWTSs to meet specific needs.

Over 1000 water treatment modules have been deployed around the world to areas such as: Sudan, Darfur, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Somalia, Iraq, Lebanon, East Timor, Haiti, Western Sahara and the Ivory Coast.

Location: UN Field missions worldwide. 

Client: UN Procurement Division UNPD for UN Department Field Missions. 

Project type: supply contract for 3 years renewable. 

Water treatment plants: modular wastewater treatment plant containerized. 

Raw water source: civil waste water from Field Camp ablution blocks. 

Treated water quality: water suitable for reuse, irrigating green areas, washing vehicles and flushing toilets.

Capacity: 30 mc/day. 

Supply: average 30 modules per month.

Tags: Water treatment

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