Water purification plant from residential settlement

Total equalization and oxidation water purification plant


IDRO Group has built a denitrification, equalization and total oxidation plant of wastewater from residential settlements.

The wastewater of different nature and of variable flow rate during the day, is accumulated in a tank of adequate useful capacity and from here, by an electric pump, sent to the next biological phase with constant flow and pollution over 24 hours.
The accumulation section is considered necessary, as the discharge of the users served as very variable in quantity and quality, furthermore the present of a circular volume is believed to make a significant contribution to the management of the plant.

The same accumulation section is used as the initial denitrification compartment for the removal of nitrogen, where through an anoxic process (i.e in absence of dissolved oxygen) the oxidized forms of the element are biologically reduced to nitrogen gas, which is released into the atmosphere.
In the oxidation section, the sewage undergoes intense aeration until the sludge is completely stabilized, using the oxygen blown by a blower through fine-bubble type air diffusers.


Location: Nossa Senhora G.do Divor Portugal 
Description of the Project/Work undertaken: Standard denitrification, equalization and total oxidation plant : supply, installation and training service.
Start and Completion date: 20/01/2000 – 25/07/2017.
Contract Value: Eur/€ 736.333,34 Long Term for different sites in Portuga.
Capacity: From 15 to 250 PE.


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