Water recovery systems

Innovative facilities for rainwater recovery

The design of water recovery systems, especially in the civil but also industrial field, has a fundamental role in the disposal of water, both rain and waste processing, in a wide range of situations and applications. A reliable and intelligent water disposal and recovery management system saves time and money, reduces water losses, the possible damages caused by intense climatic events or by the processes and reduces the related costs optimizing the performance. It also ensures rational and ecological management of water resources and adequate disposal of water.

Water recovery plants designed by Idro Group

Idro Group designs and manufactures water treatment and recovery plants and systems according to the specific needs of the customer. Water recovery plants are made with cutting-edge components that allow to reduce waste, rationalize management costs and ensure a perfect functioning over time. These systems allow water reuse, ensuring an ideal reserve for many uses and, above all, avoiding waste. It is in fact possible to reuse water for purposes such as:

  • irrigation of green areas;
  • washing of vehicles;
  • discharge of service water;
  • situations that usually involve the use of drinking water.

In civil dwellings about 50% of the daily water demand (varying between 150 and 200 liters per capita) can be provided by the recovery of rainwater. Rainwater recovery allows saving up to 30% of drinking water.

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