Air treatment systems

Air treatment and filtration plants

Idro Group deals with the design of air treatment systems and biofiltration plants, both civil and industrial. These have a fundamental role, within the companies, in the removal of odours coming from sewage treatment plants or waste water treatment, as well as that of solid organic waste or food industry. Having at your disposal a reliable treatment system allows you to eliminate odors and have cleaner and healthier air. It also ensures rational and ecological resources management. 

Air treatment plants designed by Idro Group

Idro Group designs and manufactures air treatment and deodorization systems and plants for civil and industrial environments, following the specific needs of the customer. Air treatment plants are made with cutting-edge components and innovative technologies that allow to rationalize the operating costs and ensure a perfect functioning over time, as well as purifying the environments by treating the air of the manufacturing processes and filtering it to have it always healthy and sanitized. The solutions proposed by Idro Group guarantee excellent results in the process of air deodorization in a simple and economical way. 

The filtration solutions offered by the company

Idro Group has developed air deodorization and biofiltration systems, suitable for many applications, especially in industrial environments. Each project is developed to meet different requirements of capacity and control, disposal and filtration, and therefore also for the air treatment that accompanies the processes, such as water or waste processing. Biofilters are the most natural way to clean air. With AERNET biofilters, harmful substances are degraded into non-toxic compounds, such as carbon dioxide and water, by an aerobic bacterial flora fixed on a special support. These plants are used in many different sectors to reduce odours that come from:

  • wastewater treatment plants
  • municipal solid waste treatment plants
  • processing of meat and fish waste
  • processing of tobacco, coffee, hides
  • food processing plants

More information?

If you need more details about air treatment systems proposed by Idro Group, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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