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Air Deodorization

Odor control systems for wastewater treatment plants

Idro Group offers odor control systems to eliminate smells coming from wastewater treatment plants, from organic solid waste treatment or from food processing waste treatment.

The odor control systems make it possible to control and abate odors from sewage treatment plants, guaranteeing  excellent deodorization results in the simplest natural and economic way. 

Customized deodorization systems for every need

Idro Group offers deodorization systems for sewage treatment plants that are innovative, efficient, and durable: biofiltration plants are designed to best meet various biofiltration needs. In addition to the customized design and implementation of deodorization systems, Idro also offers comprehensive consulting services for general and executive designs and feasibility study of plants and maintenance, both extraordinary and planned. Service also includes technical support for the operation of biofiltration plants.