Production of water purification systems

Design and construction of purification plants

Idro Group deals with the design and production of purification plants and water purification systems. These have a fundamental role in water distribution to provide drinking and quality water, for example for industrial and fire-fighting use. A reliable and intelligent water purification and water treatment system ensures significant time and money savings, reduces water losses and associated costs while optimizing performance. It also ensures rational and ecological management of water resources and adequate disposal of waste water, also from an environmental and social point of view.

Why choose Idro Group water treatment plants

Idro Group designs and manufactures waste water treatment plants and systems for civil and industrial environments. Water purification plants are made with cutting-edge components to reduce waste and rationalize operating costs. For waste water of civil origin the interventions are based on biological processes, while for industrial wastewater are instead studied and applied mixed purification systems that combine both biological and chemical-physical processes.

Purifiers: the company’s solutions

Idro Group offers different solutions of water purification systems, depending on the needs and the field of application - both civil and industrial. They can be turnkey solutions or tailor-made to meet the most diverse needs of capacity and control, disposal and filtration, at every stage, of wastewater. Idro Group also offers wastewater lifting stations - systems that allow to lift and transfer wastewater to stations at higher altitudes. In addition to this, the company offers solutions such as:

  • chemical-physical plants
  • biological purification plants
  • disinfection plants
  • final filtration plants for wastewater
  • facilities for small communities

How to ask for more information

If you need more information about the water purification systems proposed by Idro Group, do not hesitate to contact us by filling the form in the contact section. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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