Production of rainwater treatment plants

Efficient plants for the treatment of rainwater

The design and production of rainwater treatment plants, both civil and industrial, has a key role in the disposal of rainwater in a wide range of applications and is crucial for proper water management. A reliable rainwater disposal management system saves time and money, reduces water losses, possible damage caused by intense climatic events and reduces related costs by optimizing performance. It also ensures rational and ecological management of water resources, avoiding waste and misuses, and promotes adequate disposal of rainwater, for economic activities, environment and society.

Plants designed by Idro Group

Idro Group designs and manufactures meteoric water treatment plants and systems for civil and industrial environments, turnkey but also tailor-made. Rain water treatment plants are made with state-of-the-art components to reduce waste, rationalize management costs and ensure perfect operation. These plants are used to serve sealed surfaces in industrial yards, intermodal areas, ports and airports, roads, ring roads and highways, and are generally used to facilitate the disposal of water by infiltration into the ground. Water treatment before the transfer to the groundwater also serves to avoid the overload of the sewers in case of heavy rain and to avoid malfunctions to the purifiers.

What solutions are proposed?

Idro Group has developed plants for the treatment of first rain water, for every type of size and surface. Each project is developed to meet the different needs of capacity and control, disposal and filtration of water. Idro Group offers solutions such as:

  • oil separator plants
  • systems for the maintenance of hydraulic and hydrological invariance
  • drains for rainwater

Do you need more information?

If you need more details about Idro Group’s rainwater treatment plants, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling the form in the contact section. We will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

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