Domestic wastewater treatment plant

Design and construction of purification plants

The design of domestic wastewater treatment plants plays a very important role in the management and distribution of water, to provide drinking water and excellent quality, for civil use. A reliable and accurate water purification management system saves time and money, reduces water losses and associated costs while optimizing performance. In addition, it ensures rational and ecological management of resources and adequate disposal of wastewater.

Idro Group: effective purification plants

Idro Group designs and manufactures wastewater treatment plants and systems for civil areas following the specific needs of the customer. Water purification systems are made with state-of-the-art components that allow to reduce waste, rationalize management costs and ensure a perfect functioning, intended to last over time. For waste water of civil origin interventions are based on biological processes, while for industrial wastewater are applied mixed purification systems that combine both biological and chemical-physical processes.

The company’s solutions for domestic water

Idro Group proposes different types of wastewater treatment plants, depending on the needs and type of application - both civil and industrial (where water often comes from the operations carried out). Each project is developed to meet the most different needs of capacity and control, disposal and filtration of water, at each stage. Idro Group also offers wastewater lifting stations - which allow to lift and transfer wastewater to stations at higher altitudes. They are needed, for example, when the level of toilet discharges is lower than the sewage treatment plant or sewerage pipes. The company also offers solutions such as:

  • Biological purification plants
  • Disinfection plants
  • Oil and grease separators for kitchens
  • Facilities for small communities

More information?

If you need further clarification about the domestic wastewater treatment plants proposed by Idro Group, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling the form in the contact section. We will be happy to respond as soon as possible.


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