Water treatment systems for the textile industry

Design and manufacturing of systems for the textile industry

Idro Group is specialized in designing and manufacturing water treatment plants for textile companies – companies that use large amounts of water for different processes and therefore also produce much waste water, which needs to be disposed of or recycled in the best way to prevent waste and reduce costs. A reliable and intelligent system for the management of the disposal and recycling of water, in fact, ensures time and money savings, reduces water leaks and related costs by optimizing performance.

With more than 500 systems installed all over the world and more than 30 years experience in the textile sector, Idro Group has excellent knowledge of the entire production process and is always searching for innovations both in relation to waste water and its reuse.


Systems designed by Idro Group for the textile industry

Each of the many types of incoming water can be treated, filtered, and preserved to obtain great high-quality water and with the proper characteristics, it can even be clean and/or reusable in the production cycle. This is fundamental in an industry such as the textile industry which uses large amounts of water.

Idro Group designs and manufactures  water treatment and recycling systems and plants for businesses in the textile industry, with the specific needs of the client in mind. The water treatment systems are made with high-tech components to help reduce waste as well as operating costs and guarantee perfect functioning over time. Thanks to the flexibility and modularity of the components used, Idro Group is one of the best suppliers of water treatment systems for companies and all types of clients.

Idro Group solutions

Idro Group has developed water treatment systems for the textile industry with particular attention to cost-effectiveness, in order to offer solutions that ensure very low operating costs. The systems are developed with environmental protection being of the utmost importance, through limited use of chemicals; organic processes that produce limited amounts of non-toxic sewage sludge are employed and these are zero discharge plants. They are almost entirely automated systems that reduce civil engineering works and interventions by operators to a minimum.

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