Biomethane plants

We design and produce systems for biomethane production

Do you run a business and believe you can extract biomethane from your production processes or from other biomass resources to obtain low-cost sustainable energy? Idro Group has the right solution for you because we design and produce biomethane production plants. A reliable and intelligent biomethane production system ensures time and money savings, reduces energy costs and optimizes performance. Biomethane is, in fact, a gas obtained from renewable resources: it derives from biogas and has the same characteristics and conditions for use as methane gas that allow it to be considered a natural gas.

Biomethane plants designed by Idro Group


Idro Group designs and manufactures biomethane production plants and systems with the specific needs of the client in mind. The plants are made with high-tech components to help reduce waste as well as operating costs and guarantee perfect functioning over time. There are different ways to produce biogas, starting with biomasses such as:

  • organic waste
  • residue from fruits and vegetables
  • agricultural residue
  • food waste and slaughter waste
  • fish residue

Biomethane is a bioenergy carrier with much potential, and it can be used without the need to create mixtures and without having to modify machinery currently powered by natural gas in any way. Biomethane consumption occurs by prohibiting the release of carbon, without almost any other emissions that alter the environment. The use of this energy source can be flexible and programmed, it can be transported and stored to respond to different environmental and weather conditions.

Idro Group solutions

Idro Group biogas and biomethane plants differ by the substance used: from livestock waste and/or agricultural biomasses or organic waste. Production of electrical energy and heat from biomasses is a new source of income, thanks to the increasing need for energy from renewable resources.


More information?

If you need more information about Idro Group biomethane systems, don't hesitate to contact us through the form found in the contacts section. We'll be happy to provide detailed information as soon as possible.

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