The resort is a receptive reality that must be designed taking into account all the aspects and housing and production needs of a common settlement: accommodation, restaurants and bars, laundries, sports facilities and swimming pools, commercial activities, green areas.

The variant is that a tourist settlement does not always arise in a place with the simplest availability feature of the water resource ready for use.

The design of the water network of a resort must take into account both the need for the supply of drinking water and the problem of the disposal of waste water through a sewer network or its reuse once purified.

IDRO Group boasts a great experience in the tourism sector in accommodation facilities located all over the world, with solutions that adapt to the most diverse needs: from the construction of seawater desalination plants, to the construction of wells, to the installation of purifiers of the waste water, allowing the use of the recovered resource for the irrigation of green areas, all providing systems that guarantee the absence of noise and annoying odors and for which assistance and maintenance is guaranteed.

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