ONG (non-governmental organizations)

IDRO Group boasts consolidated experience alongside non-governmental organizations such as ONLUS, private foundations or religious missions, engaged on several fronts in conditions of recurrent distress or for interventions following natural disasters or due to war conflicts.

The ability to provide a timely response to the difficulties of the communities involved, sending their equipment in remote areas in 24-48 hours, has made our company a reliable ally of those bodies, which first find themselves facing the state of emergency.

The water treatment plants, the flexible and compactable water tanks for the storage of drinking water, the disinfection equipment and the kits for the drainage of chemical products, are easy to use goods, they are shipped on site with all components necessary for quick installation and start-up.

Thanks to their compact design, easy portability and robustness, they guarantee excellent performance and are easily recovered when the emergency is back.

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Realizzazioni per ONG (non-governmental organizations)