International cooperation

IDRO Group works with governmental and non-governmental organizations on projects for the supply of drinking water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, spare parts and consumables and also works to ensure the correct implementation and future maintenance of the plants and the support of local technicians thus contributing to the rehabilitation of water supply infrastructures and allowing the populations to manage and maintain autonomously the water treatment plants supplied.

IDRO Group works to supply modular wastewater treatment plants specifically designed to meet the needs of work camps and emergency relief agencies.

IDRO Group continues to supply equipment to Iraq, Sudan and Darfur, Chad, Haiti, East Timor, Mexico, Cabo Verde, Cuba, Ukraine and China.

The systems are containerized and can be transported by air. Design and construction of modular drinking water production and wastewater treatment plants, are ideal for their mobility, ease of transport and use in military operations.

Tags: Air treatment, Biological treatment, Pollution risk areas treatment

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