Plant Costruction

IDRO Group can manage the construction of a plant starting from the masonry works, from the preparation of the area that will receive the plant to the correct sizing of the structure.

The supply may include on-site assembly or the sending of partially assembled material or assembled and shipped ready for use, every aspect, including those related to logistics and transport, is treated in detail.

Our team is specialized in the realization of every type of structure, the researchers and the designers support the technicians to resolve any specific problem of the customer.

The group works closely with a loyal network of suppliers, which guarantees a prompt response to every need, the constant comparison with the market and with new technologies at a national and international level always ensures cutting-edge supplies.

All the systems supplied are carefully checked in each component, so that possible problems during assembly are eliminated and the equipment supplied is free from defects in material or workmanship.

The start-up and commissioning by the Technical Assistance Team constitutes full testing.

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