Plant for aluminum production sector

Client: LEADER COMPANY IN ALUMINUM PRODUCTION with a production of 45,000 tons

Location: Fusina- Venezia

Project: Turnkey project

Water treatment plant: Water treatment plant with sedimentation, oil removal (sediflotation), flocculation, flotation with dissolved air, sedimentation, filtration and sludge dewatering.

Raw water source: Cooling tower and anode washing waste water.

Treated water quality: Optimum for application in industrial processing


Client: Steel production

Location: Bolzano

Project: Design, installation and project management including start-up and testing of the finished plants

Water treatment plant: Static oil and mineral separator, chemical-physical plant, active carbon filtration, sludge dewatering, water recirculation to cart washing plants.

Raw water source: Waste water from cart washing, cooling water, Meteoric Water

Treated water quality: Ideal for reuse in industrial processes and for being safely discharged.


Client: Steel production

Location: Fusina, Venice

Project: Turnkey project

Water Treatment plant: Waste water purification plant for the reduction of fluorides

Raw water source: Industrial waste water coming from alluminum works.

Treated water quality: Optimum for application in industrial processing

Capacity: 6 m³/hour

Tags: Activated sludge recirculation

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