water treatment plants for Food and Beverage Industry

Client: Food industry

Location: Pessano Combornago

Project: Turn key

Water treatment plant: MBBR + DAF

Raw water source: process waste water

Treated water: sewer drainage

Capacity: 50 m³/day


Client: Food Industry (Biscuit and pastries)

Location: Perugia

Project: private

Water treatement plant: Waste water treatment plant using biological MBBR technology and pressurized floatation.

Raw water source: Process wastewater coming from the biscuit factory

Treated water: Suitable to be safely discharged into the environment.

Capacity: 30 m³/day

Dimension: The waste water treatment plant occupies the following floor space: Length: 20 m Width: 3.6 m Considering the need to access all sides of the plant for operation and maintenance, the following space was set aside for the plant: Length: 22 m Width: 7 m

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