drinking water and purification plants

Client: Environmental services company

Location: Vicenza

Project: turn key

Water treatement plant: Chemical/physical

Raw water source: Leachate from waste yard

Treated water: suitable to be safely discharged into the sewer

Capacity: 7m³/h.


Client: Public service company

Location: Olgiate comasco

Project: tender

Water treatement plant: drinking plant

Raw water source: Aqueduct water

Treated water: human use


Client: Construction company

Location: Grosseto

Project: tender for works in a civil  hospital

Water treatmnet plant: MBR

Raw water source: civil wastewater

Treated water: water for drainage into the sewer

Capacity: 11,5 m³/h


Client: Chemical industry

Location: Filago

Project: private tendert

Water treatment plant: osmosis

Raw water source: well water

Treated water:industrial water per production cycle

Capacity: 25 m³/h


Client: Lipari Island 

Location: Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily - Italy

Water treatement plant: Reverse osmosis sea waterdesalination plant.

Raw water source: The Tyrrhenian Sea

Treated water: Drinking water

Capacity: 450 m³/hour, 10,800 m³/day This flow rate is achieved in three sections each producing

150 m³/hour of drinking water. The sections can be managed independently to satisfy the fluctuating demand for drinking water on the island.



Client: Pattada Local Council

Location: Pattada, Sardinia -  Italy

Water treatement plant: Waste water treatment plant

Raw water source: Civil waste water

Treated water: Suitable for safe discharge into the environment

Capacity: Former capacity: 50 m3/hour New capacity: 85 m3/hour

People served: Former plant: 6,000 pe New plant: 10,000 pe



Client: Villacidro Local Council

Location: Sardinia - Italy

Water treatement plant: Drinking water purification

Raw water source: dam and natural spring

Treated water: drinking water

Capacity: 600m³/hour People Served: 30.000 pe

Tags: Concrete plant, Polyethylene palnt, Municipal plant, Air treatment

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