Wastewater treatment with lower disposal costs

Wastewater treatment plant built for Esselunga di Parma


IDRO Group was responsible for the design and installation of a new wastewater purification plant serving Esselunga di Parma.

The plant is organized with activated sludge treatment for the removal of biological components with solid-liquid separation carried out by an ultrafiltration system using immersed hollow fibers ZenoGem General Electric Process. The ultrafiltration membrane guarantees absolute separation of suspended solids, thus preventing the entrainment of biological sludge responsible for high COD value and suspended solids in the drain. 

This important property is a significant benefit for the company both in explicit terms, i.e. lower costs for the disposal of the sludge and in implicit terms, as the environmental impact of the purification plant in the local community.

The new WWTP is necessary to meet the obligations of regulatory compliance with the discharge, also with a view to minimizing the purification costs that the management may apply to the fee for the sewerage and purification service.

Location: Parma (PR) – Italy
Client Name:  Esselunga S.p.a
Description of the Project/Work undertaken: Turnkey project for the design, construction, installation and commissioning of Civil Wastewater Treatment Plant MBR technology.
Start and Completion date: 25/07/2012 – 03/07/2013.
Contract Value: € 1.000.000,00 Contract No. 4500068255.
Capacity: Flow rate : 530 mc/day

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