Industrial wastewater treatment plant

Construction of a wastewater treatment plant for a large steel mill


IDRO Group has been involved in the design, construction, installation and management of a wastewater treatment plant located in the production site of “PJSC - Taganrog Region in Russia”.

This WWTP must treat the process of cooling water of a large Steel Plant.
The plant has been designed and tested for the cold conditions that characterize the Russian Regions.

Location: Taganrog Region, Rostov city Russia production site TAGMET “PJSC”
Client Name: Arsterwood Holdings LTD
Description of the Project/Work undertaken: Design and Management of a Wastewater Treatment plant located in Production site “PISC” TAGMET.
Start and Completion date: 20/01/2011 – 18/04/2014
Contract Value: EUR/€ 7.296.000,00
Authorization Act No: EU425211FB

  • 3.028 mc/hour 
  • 72.672 mc/day
  • 290.000 P


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